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Who we are

Resono Ophthalmic is an Italian company that produces highly innovative therapeutic devices for the eye-care domain. The key feature of these devices is the exploitation of Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR®), a patented technique capable of stimulating the natural cellular and tissue regeneration via low-power high-frequency electric fields.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to improving the quality of patient’s life by providing ground-breaking solutions that effectively treat a range of eye syndromes and diseases.

Reinvent Dry Eye Treatment

Rexon-Eye is a non-invasive device that provides durable treatment for all forms of dry eye syndromes. It works by applying low-power high-frequency electric fields, capable of stimulating the metabolism and natural regeneration of cells.

The treatment addresses all types of the dry eye syndromes, both evaporative and hypo-secretive, as evidenced by several subjective and objective measurements.


Now I can enjoy a better quality of life

Very relaxing procedure, I could have fallen asleep...

After 10 years, I got my tears back

Surely an overall improvement in my eyes wellness