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Ground-breaking solutions for Eye Diseases

Resono Ophthalmic is an Italian company that produces highly innovative therapeutic devices for the eye-care domain. The key feature of these devices is the exploitation of Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR®), a patented technique capable of stimulating the natural cellular and tissue regeneration via low-power high-frequency electric fields.

The benefits of QMR® in stimulating cell and tissue regeneration are currently under study for the potential application to other eye diseases, paving the way to the development of a family of QMR®-based ophthalmic therapeutic instruments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to improving the quality of patient’s life by providing ground-breaking solutions that effectively treat a range of eye syndromes and diseases.

Rethink Dry Eye Treatment

The Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide and may have a relevant influence on their daily life. For a long time there have been no effective therapies to treat it with stable and durable effects. This why our first goal was to build a device that delivers long-term results and treats the cause of dry eye diseases.

After several years of scientific research and prototype development, we did it! We built Rexon-Eye. This device successfully provides a non-invasive, pleasant and durable therapy to dry eye patients.

Clinical trials in Italy and abroad, already completed or in progress, have clearly demonstrated that Rexon-Eye is a safe and effective treatment option to improve subjective and objective symptoms in DES.


The Rexon-Eye is a medical device that already obtained the CE marking and we are on the way to get other important certifications worldwide.


The instrument is successfully applied and highly appreciated worldwide by ophthalmologists and optometrists who treat dry eye patients at their practices, dry-eye centers or hospitals.

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