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In-vitro analysis of Quantum Molecular Resonance effects on human mesenchymal stromal cells.

S. Sella, V. Adami, E. Amati, M. Bernardi, K. Chieregato, P. Gatto P, et al. PLoS ONE 2018 13 (1): e0190082.

Biophysical effects of high frequency electrical field (4-64 MHz) on muscle fibers in culture

Dal Maschio M, Canato M, Pigozzo FM, et al. Biophysical effects of high frequency electrical field (4–64 MHz) on muscle fibers in culture. Basic Applied Myology 2009; 19:49–56.

Favorable Tissue Effects of Quantum Molecular Resonance Device (Vesalius®) Compared with Standard Electrocautery

Schiavon M, Calabrese F, Nicotra S, et al. Favorable tissue effects of quantum molecular resonance device (VESALIUS®) compared with standard electrocautery: a novel paradigm in lung surgery. Eur Surg Res 2007; 39:222–8.

Quantum molecular resonance technology in hard-to-heal extremity wounds: histological and clinical results.

M. Fraccalvieri, M. Salomone, C. Di Santo, E. Ruka U. Morozzo, S. Bruschi S. Int Wound J 2017; 14:1313–1322.

Transcutaneous periorbital electrical stimulation in the treatment of dry eye.

E. Pedrotti, F. Bosello, A. Fasolo, A.C. Frigo, I. Marchesoni, A. Ruggeri, G. Marchini. Br J Ophthalmol 2017, 101:814-9.

Innovative radiofrequency electrotherapy significantly reduces cornea perforation in an alkali burn murine model

A. Ruggeri, T. Dyrdin, M. Barbariga, P. Rama, G. Ferrari. Proc. ARVO 2018 Annual Meeting, 2018.

High Frequency Electrotherapy for the Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

G. Ferrari, A. Colucci, M. Barbariga, A. Ruggeri, P. Rama. Cornea: July 23, 2019

Mixed dry eye patients successfully treated by the innovative high-frequency electrotherapy device Rexon-Eye®

A.Ruggeri, E.Fatigati, L.Vigo. ARVO 2020 Annual Meeting, June 2020

Improvement in mixed-type dry eye patients after treatment with the QMR®-based electrotherapy device Rexon-Eye®

A. Ruggeri , A.Trivli , G. Dalianis , C. Terzidou. ARVO 2021 Annual Meeting, May 2021
Editorial on Rexon-Eye

Editorial on Rexon-Eye

A remarkable interest was raised by the editorial published a few days ago in the Giornale di...