Our website is now enriched with new content and new pages.

For some weeks now, the Resono Ophthalmic site has been enriched by new pages and more in-depth content.
More than likely, you haven’t noticed because the structure of the site and main menu do not appear to be much different. For this reason, we have decided to tell you about how our development of new content project was created and to guide you towards the best navigation of our website.

It all clicked into place with a regional call

The idea had been in the works for some time, and the opportunity manifested with the Veneto Regional call as part of the Regional Operating Program, thanks to the European structural and investment funds, POR-FESR 2014-20. Regional funding has allowed for the development of internationalization activities and, specifically, for creating digital content aimed at reaching and involving a pool of potential users and distributors interested in the Rexon-Eye device.

The goal of content work

Interest for Resono Ophthalmic and Rexon-Eye, our innovative device for the treatment of dry eye with QMR technology, has grown significantly over the years, both in specialists and in patients. We have now aimed new, more in-depth content towards this combined audience.

The new content enhances the original content used to launch the new device a few years ago. It was quite a challenge explaining QMR technology that underpins the Rexon-Eye treatment to potential patients while, at the same time, providing rigorous information of a technical-scientific nature to specialists.

We have worked hard to enable our audience to understand the revolutionary reach of QMR technology in Ophthalmology and the ability of our devices to bring about significant and long-lasting benefits to patients with dry eye.

How to navigate the resono.it site

Navigating the main menu of the resono.it site will provide an overview of the company and of the technology behind the development of our eye devices. Starting from each of the tabs found on the main menu, it is possible to find more in-depth information in the drop-down subpages.

Navigating from ABOUT US, through the COMPANY page, it is possible to learn about our company’s origins, history of the founders, and current management, and finally reach CONTACTS. 

From the tab REXON EYE, through THE DEVICE page, it is possible to find in-depth technical information on the device and learn about its operation and, under CLINICAL STUDIES, the main results may be found on research performed on the application of QMR in ophthalmology.

Two menu items lead to individual pages where it is possible to find details on both the scientific aspects of the physical principle that underlies the innovative QMR TECHNOLOGY, and the nature of the TREATMENT with the Rexon-Eye device.

Finally, under MEDIA , it is possible to view detailed scientific information, videos and all the updated comprehensive news.

We sincerely hope that browsing our site will satisfy your specific interests.
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