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QMR technology

Resono Ophthalmic is the only company in the world that applies the revolutionary QMR ® technology to the treatment of ophthalmic diseases, which has proven to be able to provide significant benefits to patients with dry eye disease.

It is, therefore, appropriate to briefly introduce some basic aspects of this technology.

Electricity and the human body

It has been known for centuries that electric currents flow throughout our body and  carry the signals necessary for its operation.

The heart and muscles in general contract because they are stimulated by an electric current, just as the eyes and ears allow us to see and hear because they generate and transmit electrical signals to our brain.

These electrical stimuli are generated by the body itself, but others may be artificially generated and applied by biomedical tools designed for this purpose.

Electric currents and regenerative processes

It was recently discovered that electrial signals are able to interact with the regulation of cell behavior and homeostasis of tissues (read the paper); phenomena that are the basis of many healing processes. (read the paper)

The main difficulty of artificial stimulation is to be able to generate the correct signals, that is, those able to interact with the organism to stimulate regenerative processes.

Discovery of the QMR effect

Research activities aimed at making a surgical cut without a temperature increase, conducted at the company, Telea Medical, led to the discovery of a physical effect called Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR)*, in which an alternating electrical signal containing a specific frequency range, from 4 to 16 MHz, appears to be in resonance, that is, it has the same frequency as the oscillations of molecular bonds in biological tissues.

This particular situation allows for maximizing the transfer of energy from the electrical stimulus signal to the biological tissue, with a minimum dispersion in heat and, therefore, maximum efficiency in opening the molecular bonds (see on the right an image of the perfect cut obtained).

* QMR is a registered trademark of Telea Medical.

This discovery was originally used by the company to develop a revolutionary cold electro-scalpel (read the paper), which allows for obtaining a surgical cut effect without raising the temperature of tissues.

It is a highly innovative electro-scalpel, which allows for significant benefits for the patient and surgical procedures in very delicate areas of the body, such as the brain and nerve endings.

QMR for tissue regeneration

In subsequent experiments, it was discovered that an alternating electrical signal with an even wider frequency range (from 4 to 64 MHz) is able to obtain another significant effect, namely, precisely the stimulation of metabolism and natural regeneration of biological tissues and cells.

Various phenomena observed experimentally can explain this effect: the mechanical deformation of the cell membrane, the increase in calcium release, and the stimulation of metabolism (read the paper).

Using sophisticated analysis techniques (DNA micro-array), a recent study on cells treated with QMR has experimentally demonstrated its ability to stimulate the over-expression of some genes involved in the natural tissue regeneration processes (read the paper).

This new discovery paved the way for the application of QMR to various areas of medicine, such as aesthetic medicine, pain management medicine, and physiotherapy.

In this regard, it is interesting to point out the significant results obtained by QMR stimulation in healing deep wounds in the limbs, also for their potential application to healing corneal wounds (read the paper).