Resono Ophthalmic at EuDES congress 2022, Paris

Resono Ophthalmic will enjoy a wide coverage at the forthcoming EuDEC (Paris, June 10-11).

Giulio Ferrari, from the Cornea and Ocular Surface Unit, San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, will deliver on June 10th the invited lecture “Quantum molecular resonance electrotherapy for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction“.

Kamila Kopálová, from the Vesely Eye Clinic in Bratislav, and Alfredo Ruggeri, from Resono Ophthalmic, will present on June 11th, the results of the clinical study “High-frequency QMR electric field in the treatment of dry eye disease“.

The events can be attended in presence or remotely via a dedicated digital platform.

For the complete program and registration details, please see the EuDEC Programme.