Rexon Eye as a missing tool in Dry Eye treatments

In the current special issue on Dry Eye of Optics&EyeOnOptics, you can find an interesting interview on Dry Eye treatments to Dr Ryan Mahmoud, Optometrist and Owner of NVision- New Zealand.

Through his experience, Dr Mahmud shows how new technologies have allowed more accurate diagnosis and better results with customized treatment plans.

Among the new instruments, Rexon Eye® is mentioned in the article as “a missing tool in our arsenal”, being the only therapy which successfully treats all types of dry eye, both evaporative as well as aqueous deficient, with long term effects.

Proud to this definition, we invite you to read all article on this special issue attesting an increasing interest in Dry eye Treatment.


Dry Eye 2020 – Optics&EyeOnOptics special edition  – September 2020.


Thanks to Eyetek Pty Ltd. for their collaboration in successfully introducing Rexon-Eye® in Australia and New Zealand.

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