A direct testimony of Rexon-Eye usage and its potential

The Ocular Surgery News section of HEALIO of September 25th reported an interview with Dr. Cronin, from the Queensland Eye Institute in Brisbane, Australia.

Dr. Cronin talked about his experience in using Rexon-Eye to treat dry eye in more than 100 patients, many of whom “were difficult cases, not responding to other treatments.”

His comments about the device and the results he obtained were enthusiastic, convincing him to further expand the application of Rexon-Eye to treat also “a subset of dry eye diseases, which includes post-LASIK, post-cataract and neuropathic dry eye in which this technology could be a real breakthrough.“

To learn more about Dr. Cronin experience with Rexon-Eye, read the full article by Michela Cimberle.

OCULAR SURGERY NEWS U.S. Edition – September Issue  2020 

Thanks to Eyetek Pty Ltd. for their collaboration in successfully introducing Rexon-Eye® in Australia and New Zealand.


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