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Tips for optimal treatment with Rexon-Eye®

It is well known that dry eye is a multifactorial disease.

Alongside a pathological or genetic basis, the incidence of environmental and psychophysical factors on the severity of symptoms is well known.

That’s why with a regenerative therapy such as Rexon-Eye®, we believe it is necessary to create the best environmental conditions for the success of the treatment.

Although many patients report an immediate benefit just after the first session, the action of Rexon-Eye® requires a physiological time for reactivating the cells and the body as well needs to be prepared for the healing process, to obtain effective and long-lasting results.

Therefore we believe that a relaxed atmosphere in a reserved and calm place is a key factor in ensuring your patients the maximum results from the treatment.

In this page, we’ve gathered some tips and useful information to create the most suitable environment for the treatment.

Main aspects of the treatment

Rexon-Eye® is a non-invasive therapy that does not cause any pain or discomfort. It does not require analgesics or cooling systems on the skin (e.g., gel).
During the treatment, patients only experience a slight and pleasant sensation of warmth underneath the mask.

Resono Ophthalmic is not aware of any trauma or physical damage that may be caused by the Rexon-Eye® usage.


Patients excluded from the treatment:

● pregnant women
● patients with implanted active medical devices (e.g., pacemakers or hearing aids)
● infants or children (under 18 years)
● patients undertaking cancer therapy
● patients who underwent ocular surgery in the last month

The recommended treatment consists of


Minutes each

Week break

To create a well-being environment

We suggest setting up in your clinic a special area reserved for the treatment, following these indications:

find a space suitable for the Rexon-Eye® treatment, quiet and possibly isolated from the other activities of the clinic

use for treatment a comfortable reclining chair, where the patient may feel relaxed

ensure warm lighting with a soft and wide shade

Before starting the treatment

Make sure to place the mask with uniform contact over the eyes, without exerting high pressure

Lower the brightness of the light sources

Within this environment, the session can be even more pleasant and relaxing with some simple expedients

Audio instructions

Set up an audio system connected to a computer
to listen to an introduction and treatment audio guide. 

The audio content is designed to inform the patient and guide her/him along the therapeutic process.
The audio lasts 3 minutes.

Musical background

After playing the audio guide, we suggest creating a soft musical background.

The most suitable genres for relaxation that we recommend:

Smooth & Cool JazzMeditative – Chill LoungeSoulAmbient

Essences for a relaxing atmosphere

It is also possible to create a more comfortable environment with aromatherapy.

LAVENDER – antiseptic and anti-inflammatory with sedative and analgesic properties

SANDAL – relaxing, reduces stress and has antiseptic properties

JASMINE – analgesic, relieves tension and anxiety

CHAMOMILE – soothing, relaxing, useful against insomnia, antispasmodic

At the end of the session

At the end of the treatment, after removing the mask, the patient should remain for a few minutes sitting with her/his eyes still closed and gradually open them up.

Increase the intensity of the light to allow the eyes to get used to the brightness and avoid a slight discomfort that can occur due to the pressure of the mask on the eyes.

The last touch of well-being

The properties of green tea*

In this last phase of adjustment, while waiting for the session to end, a cup of green tea can be offered to the patient. Its beneficial properties have been recognized in treating dry eye disease, such as:



immuno-modulation Property

* To learn more, read Nejabat et al. paper on Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2017

Download the treatment leaflet for the patient